What do we offer you?

Our company offers you forged products of the highest quality. Our work includes decorative and practical indoor equipment, forged furniture, lamps, candle holders, grids, gates, fences and many other products (see actual Catalog).



If you do not choose one of the products presented in our catalog, we will make it tailored to your needs or the design of the architect. Superficial adjustments range from basic painting to anti-corrosion coating.




Art blacksmithing and locksmithing - Šťastný Tomáš

ID: 47396563
VAT: CZ7205243903
Natural person registered in the Trade Register since 03/07/2001

Office: Havraní 27, Brno 618 00
mobil: +420731466705
email: info@kovarstvi-stastny.cz
Art blacksmithing and locksmithing: Brněnské Ivanovice Sajdova 5
mobil: +420731466705

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